Dualit Classic Toaster

One of my favourite products at the moment is the Dualit Classic Toaster. I had wanted one for a long time but just couldn’t justify the £150 price tag, for a toaster! So after a little bit of searching, I managed to pick one up on Gumtree a while ago with a broken timer unit, for just £15. Getting hold of a new timer unit was very straight forward and only cost £10 online. Then, a few screws and about 5 minutes later and we were back in business!

I couldn’t just stop there though, so I decided to take the whole thing apart to give it a good clean and service. It was at this point that I was taken back by the overall build quality of the product. It’s simple design and modular components allow it to be easily cleaned and repaired if it breaks. I found a date stamp of 2006 on the inside of one of the cast aluminium end plates when I was putting it back together. It was very hard to believe that my toaster was already 12 years old! Could it last you a lifetime? If so, is £150 not actually too bad?

I made this GIF showing the re-assembly process:


I have a lot of respect for companies designing and manufacturing products that are genuinely built to last, and this toaster is definitely one of them. It is very refreshing to see a product like this, especially in the small consumer electronics category which is generally polluted with rubbish, plastic, throw-away electronics. I will be writing a post in the next couple of weeks all about this, and why I think designing products to be long lasting is so important.

More information on this great product including some of the history of the brand can be found on the Dualit website:


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