DIY Keg Table


I wanted a small coffee table for next to my sofa in the kitchen. I didn’t want to spend a huge amount of money, if anything, so I tried to be as resourceful as possible. I found a friendly guy on Gumtree who sells old oak whiskey barrels. I managed to persuade him to give me one of the lids for just £5! Next, I needed something to sit it on… After 10 minutes chatting to the owner of my local pub, I was out the door with an empty keg under my arm! (free of charge)

Step 1: I braced the underside of the oak lid with plywood to hold everything together.

Step 2: Sanding… lots of sanding!

Step 3: A few coats of clear yacht varnish with a light sand in-between coats.

Step 4: I added little blips to the underside to stop the oak top from sliding off the keg.

After visiting a few pubs this summer, I couldn’t help but notice that in a lot of cases, they keep their empty kegs stacked up in the corner of their beer garden/outdoor seating areas. Could this be an interesting way of not only removing an eyesore from these areas in pubs and restaurants but also adding extra tables or seating to be used when needed?

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