Reusable Coffee Cup

As a product design engineer, I feel like I can’t even buy the most mundane of items now without pursuing a full forensic analysis of the current marketplace, to ensure I am buying the best possible product, at the best possible price.

Although rather late to the game, last week I bought my first reusable coffee cup, and this process was no different. Although not completely perfect, I believe that after an in-depth look at ALL of the current reusable coffee cups currently for sale, In my opinion, I may have found the best one out there!

In this blog post, I am going to go through my market research and selection process, finally arriving at my choice of the (nearly) perfect reusable coffee cup.

So to begin, any new product purchase always starts with a quick google…


As you can see, I was not short of options and this was not going to be a straightforward task. From a lot more online research, reading customer reviews and even watching YouTube un-boxings, I managed to narrow it down to the final 3. These were predominantly selected upon the following criteria:

Size  |  Water Tightness  |  Insulating Properties  |  Drinking Spout

Option 1 – KeepCup:Screenshot 2019-04-04 at 12.11.10 pm

The classic KeepCup – the most popular choice of the three and arguably the benchmark in this category. However, no insulating properties and a ‘push-on’ lid puts this cup in 3rd place.


Option 2 – Corkcicle Tumbler:Screenshot 2019-04-04 at 12.13.46 pm

The Corkcicle tumbler – a very tempting option for me as I am the proud owner of one of their larger water bottles. However, being triple insulated, it has a much larger footprint than the competition and again with a ‘push-on’ lid it’s far from perfect.


Option 3 – Rivers Wallmug Sleek:Screenshot 2019-04-04 at 12.38.07 pm

The Rivers Wallmug Sleek – the lesser known, dark horse of the three, but my choice as number 1!

With its minimalist design that mimic’s the shape and size of a traditional 12oz take-away coffee cup, you are sure to be able to fit it into all of the vending machines and coffee dispensers you find. It also has a sealed, screw top lid, meaning that you can confidently put it in your bag and you will know that nothing will leak out. Finally it is double walled so although not fantastic, it will keep your drink warmer for longer than a standard KeepCup or takeaway cup.

To summarise, although the majority of people may just pop into their local department store and pick up whatever cup they like the look of, with there being so much choice at your fingertips, it is definitely harder for companies to stand out. For a small company like Rivers that don’t have the resources to push advertisements like KeepCup, it’s impressive that they have made a minimalist, well designed product stand out in such a saturated marketplace. So although not perfect, for that reason, I think it’s ‘great design’ and if you need a reusable coffee cup anytime soon, look no further than the Rivers Wallmug Sleek!

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